Monday, May 23, 2005

dictation from bukowski at bellevue

this is my transcription of the dvd Bukowski at Bellevue
Great video, I recommend, but since I cannot copy/pirate and must return to netflix at some point, I am choosing to preserve it for myself as follows.
I am eschewing most punctuation, using line breaks for all periods and many commas and leaving it to the context to indicate where quotes should be. It's bukowski so it should come pretty readily. Titles are not separated, but should be obvious. Again, it's bukowski, so we should not need titles underlined or boldfaced.

dictation from bukowski at bellevue
[ . . . ] indicate spoken comments not part of text

{video seems to pick up in the middle of a piece}
. . .
this hero of on the road
i met neal c who told me
i'm the tough young jail kid
yeah i said, have a beer
he flipped the beer bottle, caught it
broke the cap off on the table edge
drained it
a week later he was dead
now they're both dead
i don't know what to do
there seems to be no way of stopping the thing

Soup, Cosmos and Tears
I've known some crazy women
but the craziest was Annette
and it seems the crazier they are
the better they lay
and what bodies they give them
annette always lived with the Chinese
but she never saw them
that's what scared you
even the mafia are scared of the chinese
there's the dragon kid
That's all right
he knows you're all right
Are you sure?
when they put the x on you you might as well forget it
i told 'em you were all right, that's all they need
annette had incense burning
all sorts of charts and weirdo books
she always talked about the gods
she had a direct line with the gods
you've been selected by the gods
she told me
ok babe, let's make it then
not right now
i want you to try this secret soup i've made
secret soup?
yes, eat it
and you will inherit many forces of the earth and sun
the entire cosmos
i went in and ate the soup
frankly, it tasted all right, though a bit rusty
no telling what the hell she had put in there
i finished it
i feel like a man of steel now
you have inherited the force, she said
the gods are proud of you
on the couch i finally got hold of her
under that loose orange gown was enough woman to kill an ox
i lived in that hotel in paris
i slept with all of them
burroughs, the whole gang
i knew pound at saint liz
you slept with ezra?
more than any
oh fuck
go, she laughed, ahead
it had been a good soup
those paris boys and ezra had known a good mare
i rolled off
when she came out of the bathroom
she had a bottle in her hand and began sprinkling me with the contents
hey, what's that shit?
the tears of the gods
the tears of the gods?
yes, the tears of the gods
i laid there until she was finished
then i got up and dressed
when can i see you again?
in two hours, or tomorrow
i walked to the door
you walk like a poem, she said
see you in two hours, i told her
the door closed
what a man had to go through for a piece of ass in the modern age was highly ridiculous

i think of the little men
[this is probably a poem you may not like . . . anyhow]
I think of the little men
i think of the little men
coming out of the north
with rags around their bodies
and wanting to kill you
you dead bastards
you have death coming to you
i think of the little men
sitting in dirty caves
smoking, talking about you
you dead bastards
you have death coming to you
i think of the little men
half your size
with bodies like roaches
with flat bellies
speaking a language you'll never know
you dead bastards
you dead bastards
you've got it coming
and your fat soft wives and panty hose
with cardboard cunts
supermarket brains
and immaculate suburban calm
and clean mortgaged bedrooms in hell
they've got it coming
those dead cunts
i think of the little men
coming out of the north
with rags around their bodies
and wanting to kill you
you dead bastards
you have death coming to you
[that includes me]

like that
one of the most beautiful blondes of the screen
unbelievable breasts
hips, legs, waists, everything
in that car crash
it took her head right off her body
like that
there was her head
rolling along the side of the road
lipstick on
eyebrows plucked
suntan powder on
bandanna around hair
it rollled along like a beach ball
and the body sat in the car
with those breasts, hips, legs, waists
you only have one waist, dont' you?
and in the mortuary
they put her together again
sewed the head back on
jesus christ, said the guy with the thread
what a waste
there's that word again
then he went out
had a hamburger
french fries
and two cups of coffee

another academy
how they can go on
you see them sitting in old doorways
with dirty stained caps and thick clothes
and no place to go
heads bent down
arms on knees
they wait
or they stand in front of the mission
seven hundred of them
quiet as oxen
waiting to be let into the chapel
where they will sleep upright on the hard benches
leaning against each other
snoring and dreaming
men without
in new york city where it often gets colder
and they are hunted by their own kind
the men often get under the car radiators
drink the antifreeze
get warm and graceful for some minutes
then die
but that is an older culture and a wiser one
here, they scratch and wait
while on sunset boulevard the hippies and yippies
hitchhike in fifty dollar boots
out in front of the mission
i heard one guy say to another
john wayne won it
won what? said the other guy
tossing the last of his rolled cigarette into the street
i thought that was rather good

[uh, I have a friend keeps taking me down to skid row
since i spent the early part of my life there
uh, i don't learn too much by going back
except it's not a nice place to have a typewriter
and no place is really nice unless you have a typewriter
you can do without a woman
but you can't do without a typewriter]

my father was
one can of beer
a day at the ball game
a color tv
a lawn to mow
a son in college
a pool table
a power saw
a work bench
a joke about sex
a child to scream at
a neighbor to hate
a door to lock
a bank to visit
four pairs of shoes
a light suit
a dark suit
a deck of cards
hospital insurance
life insurance
an inner spring mattress
a talking barber
memories of war
a diploma
an addict
fire insurance
a pet dog
a pet cat
a camera
a tape recorder
a christmas eve
a chicken dinner
a thanksgiving dinner
a sunday drive
garbage disposal
the right to vote
a mahogany coffin
one day of mourning
forget it

[this one is called
the lesbian
and it's dedicated to all of them]
i was sitting on my couch one night
as per custom
in shorts and undershirt
drinking beer
and not thinking too much
when there was a knock on the door
now what the hell? i thought
what is it? i asked
i got a slim one
i got a slim one for you
a slim one?
it sounded like a woman's voice
wait a minute, i asked
i went into the bedroom
put on a ripped shirt
and my dirty chino pants
then i came out and opened the door
it was a lesbian from the place in the back
i got a slim one for you, she said
oh yeah?
she was in a tight sweater and shorts
she turned in the moonlight
see? i lost twenty pounds
you like it?
come on in, i said
she sat in a chair across from me and crossed her legs
don't tell the landlady i came by, she said
don't worry, i said
then she crossed her legs the other way
they had these big purple bruises all over them
i wondered who had put them there
she talked and asked questions
asked questions and talked
who was that woman who came by
with the little girl?
my little girl
was it my little girl?
yes, but they don't live here
my that's nice
her father supported her, she said
her father was a nice man
was that my painting on the wall?
yes it was
she knew something about art
she said
did i have a girlfriend?
what did i do when i wasn't sleeping?
then she stood up, walked over
and stuck her breasts into my face
you don't want any do you?
uh uh
she pointed over to a potty chair in the corner
you still use that?
ah yes
it pinches my cheeks a bit
but it brings back memories
good night
she ran to the door
opened it
slammed it
good night, i said
and then finished my bottle of beer, thinking
i wonder what's wrong with her, tonight
then there was a man
with little tiny legs
running back there
he had this long body
and these little tiny legs
began where an ordinary man's legs
would be
and he ran along
on these little tiny legs
packing baskets of food
to the lesbian in back there
my, my, there's something wrong with that poor little fellow
i thought
the landlord ran him out of there one morning
about five a.m.
hey, what the hell you doing up there
get the hell outta here
the landlord chased him up the driveway
i have quite a landlord, by the way
ah, let's get back to the poem
you're up there every morning at three a.m.
i'm getting sick of it
don't you ever sleep?
what the hell's wrong with your legs?
i sleep, i sleep
i work nights
they came running past my window
you work nights?
what the hell's the matter with you?
why don't you get a job working days?
little legs just kept running
he made a quick turn around the hedge
and was up the street
the landlord screamed after him
ya damned fool
dontcha know she's a dyke?
what the hell ya gonna do with a dyke?
there was no answer of course
then the fellow in the next court
a chap a bit on the sub-normal side
inherited twenty thousand dollars
next thing i knew
the lesbian's voice was in there
the walls were quite thin
god, she got down on her knees
and scrubbed all the floors
and kept running out the back door
with the trash
he must've had a year's worth of trash in there
each time she ran out the back
the scream door
[what kinda door is that?]
each time she ran out the back
the screen door
would go bam bam bam
and when she came back in
the screen door would go bam bam bam
it must've happened seventy times
in an hour and a half
she was showing him
my bedroom was next to theirs
at night i'd hear him mount her
there wasn't much action
quite dead
only one body in motion
your guess
a few days later the lesbian started to take over
coming in from the kitchen
oh no buster, get up, get up
you can't go to bed this time of day
i'm not gonna make your bed twice
then a week later it was over
i didn't hear her voice anymore
she was again in her place in back
i was standing on my porch one day
thinking about it
poor thing
why doesn't she get a girlfriend?
then i looked up
and here came our sappho down the driveway
it was too late to run into my place
i stood quietly
trying to be part of the porch
she came by in her white shorts
and neck bent like a vulture
and then she saw me and made this incredible sound
good morning, i said
she went again
god damn, i thought
she thinks i'm a bird
i walked quickly into my place
and closed the door and looked through the curtains
she was out there breathing heavily
then she begain to flail her arms
up and down
she's gone nuts, i thought
then slowly, slowly she began to rise
into the air
oh no, i thought
she was about three feet above the hedge
flailing the air
her breasts bouncing sadly
her giant legs kicking
looking for notches in the air
then she rose
higher and higher
she was above the apartment houses
rising high into the los angeles smog
then she was over sunset boulevard
high above the crocker citizens bank
and then i saw another object
come flying from the south
it seemed to be all body
with just these little short legs at the back
then they flew toward each other
when i saw them embrace in mid-air
i turned away
walked into the kitchen and pulled down all the shades
and waited for the end of the world
my head rang like a bell
and i began to weep

[she's still back there, by the way
the only way I could get rid of her
was make her fly away]

. . . . to be continued . . .