Friday, May 13, 2005

Slow enoughtend progress for you? & WOOD TV8 - Grand Rapids news and weather - A Benton Harbor marching band can perform "Louie Louie" this weekend, after all

First of all, it's a marching band, so even if the associated lyrics are inappropriate, NO ONE IS SINGING THEM. If you have the words going through your mind as you hear the music then aren't you a naughty boy for knowing them. And besides, these lyrics were cleared of any (intelligible) obscenity over 30 years ago.

I was, of course, reminded of Todd Snider's wonderful song, The Ballad of the Kingsman which makes the connection between the wacky hysteria around "Louie Louie" and the contemporary blame-casting towards artists like Marilyn Manson and Eminem for the behavior of their young fans. (Superintendant Dawning either hasn't been keeping up on developments in popular culture and it's criticism since 1963, or else she's had it out for "Louie Louie" since it escaped justice.) The rhetorical thrust of Snider's song is that first of all the stuff such artists are talking about that is already a part of the culture, the society -- if it weren't, who the hell would listen; and second, it's easy to point fingers when "someone comes along on a mission and yells bitch", but all to often, this simply avoids the more fundamental problems facing children today and their root causes. Rock and roll is powerful, but it is a channel for energy, not a power source.

"It's the feel good hit of this endless summer
That gets these kids out of control.
Sing along to that rock and roll bomber.
Hail, hail rock and roll."


Blogger barney said...

I think the decapitated chick was Jayne Mansfield--a sort of second rate Marilyn Monroe type. From the website "": Jayne Mansfield tragically died in '67 on the way to a nightclub appearance when her car slammed into the back of a truck on a fog-shrouded highway near New Orleans, Louisiana. She was killed instantly, as was lawyer Sam Brody and her driver, but the three kids asleep in the back all lived. Jayne wasn't decapitated, in contrast to wide-spread rumors, it was a wig that flew out of the car.

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